Awards Express Healthcare Excellence Awards 2018
Awards Management The Indian Express [P] Ltd
Jury A group of persons appointed by Awards Management to determine the nominees and winners
Participant Any eligible individual/organization that participates by submitting an application form for the Awards
Terms and conditions These terms governing the Awards, as may be amended from time to time
Website http://healthcaresenate.financialexpress.com/
  • These Terms, Conditions and Guidelines are applicable to and govern the “Express Healthcare Excellence Awards 2018” organized and conducted by The Indian Express [P] Ltd
  • By participating in the Awards, Participant agrees to abide by and be bound by these Terms.
  • These Terms may be modified without any prior notification. Participant is advised to regularly review these Terms. If there is any disagreement with any of the Terms and any amendments thereto, Participant must not participate or withdraw application from the Awards.
  • Sponsors of Express Healthcare Senate 2018 are not allowed to participate.

Awards Objective

The quest is to seek champions in the private healthcare sector across categories; champions who embody the pioneering spirit in an ever-evolving industry that knows no boundaries and no limits.

Awards Categories

Award categories as defined by the Terms are as follows: Following categories will be open for call for entry process, and participants have to submit valid application form to participate.

Categories Definition Who Can Apply
  • Business Strategies

    • Best Brand evolution award (number of awards: 1)
    • Best Patient satisfaction programme by a hospital (number of award 1)
    • Best Cost-effectiveness solution/s by a hospital (number of award 1)
Strategic planning is crucial for business success as it involves the formulation and implementation of major goals and initiatives that lead an organisation to achieve profitability and sustainability. It provides overall direction to the enterprise and involves specifying the organisation’s objectives, developing policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the plans. This category of awards are for those healthcare organisations that have excelled in their business strategies that have created value by defining, developing and deploying a set of strategic capabilities that provide a unique competitive advantage. Open to private organizations healthcare
  • Operational Excellence

    • Best Patient safety practises
    • Best Finance managment practices
    • Best IT enabled process
    • Best Medical Technology application
    • Best hospitality management practices
    • Best Risk management system
This category of awards deals with the multi-pronged approach that puts hospitals and patient care at the heart of performance transformation, which provides them more financial sustainability and fulfills patient needs. Therefore, this category will be conferred to hospitals whose transactions, processes, improvement and change management concepts and approaches adopted by organisations to increase operational efficiency and reduce clinical variability to drive the total medical care cost down while improving care quality. Open to private organizations in healthcare
  • Social Footprint

    • Best community initiative by a hospital
    • Best green initiative by a hospital
    • Best CSR initiative
Social footprint is key to a healthcare company's growth and long term sustainability. It is is reflected through the company's social policies that impacts its employees, its partners and the society as a whole. Therefore, this category of awards will be conferred to healthcare organisations that have create this value for their patients, partners, environment and the society at large. Open to private organizations healthcare

Note : ‘Private organization in healthcare’

  • Participation is restricted to organizations subscribing to the allopathic system of medicine only
  • To be eligible, the participant must be a ‘Healthcare service provider’. This will be assessed and determined by the jury members.
  • The Award categories may be changed/modified/split/merged/increased or cancelled by the Jury based on the number and quality of entries received in each category
  • In the event that no Participant in a category is found to be worthy of inclusion by the Jury, the Award category may be cancelled by the Jury. The Jury may decide to add nominees in the category to maintain high standards of participation. The decision of the Jury in this regard will be final and non-contestable. The Awards management will not entertain any queries in this regard
  • Sponsors of Express Healthcare Senate 2018 are not allowed to participate.

Eligibility Criteria for participation in the Awards

  • The project should have been fully implemented and impact showcased between August 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018
  • The applicant should not be a winner of the award in any of the previous years for the same project

Awards Categories

  • Any organization participating in the Awards should be an Indian entity with a registered presence in India
  • Participating organization must have at least 2 years of registered presence and operations in India as on June 30, 2018
  • Only Private Entities/organizations are eligible to apply
  • The project should be completely executed in the participant organization
  • The Organization / Project applied should have been completed during the period August 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018
  • The project can be a product/service/process/procedure/methodology etc.
  • Participating organizations must be engaged primarily in providing healthcare services
  • Participation is restricted to organizations subscribing to the allopathic system of medicine only
  • Employees and immediate family members of the award management, sponsors and partners of the awards are not allowed to participate in the Awards
  • The project nominated/applied must be developed within the participating Organization. An Organization cannot participate on behalf of its sister units; parent organization or other organizations under the parent organization
  • The final eligibility of the Participant will be subject to the discretion and approval of the Awards Management and Jury
  • A participating organisation can send entries in more than one award category or apply more than once in the same category provided it is for a separate project. Each project would need a separate application form to be filled. One form cannot be used for multiple projects
  • Participation in the awards is subject to defined terms and conditions available on website



  • The Jury may modify the eligibility criteria from time to time with retrospective effect
  • The Jury holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever


  • Efforts will be made to adhere to the defined timelines. However, the defined timelines are subject to change based on circumstances.
  • Awards Management and its sub-contractors shall not be held accountable/liable for any disruptions/stoppages/interruptions or cancellation of the Awards or its ceremony or any part of its processes or public voting on account of any factors beyond its control.

Call for Entries & Participation

  • The call for entries for the Awards will be announced in one or more media platforms and / or by direct communication with potential Participants, and that shall be construed to be adequate notice for call for entries
  • If, multiple partners apply for the same project/product/service, then they should agree amongst themselves who would be the rightful owner of the initiative/product/service. The Awards management or any of its partners will not be involved in deciding the same.
  • A participant can apply for the Awards by visiting the website http://healthcaresenate.financialexpress.com/, reading the Terms & Conditions, emailing expresshealthcareawards@gmail.com or raelene.expressindia@gmail.com, and specifying the categories in the subject line of the email.
  • Entries will be accepted in English language only
  • A participating organization can send entries in more than one award category or apply multiple times in the same category provided it is for a separate project. A separate form should be used for each application entry. One form or same information cannot be used for multiple projects. However, if multiple forms are filled for the same project then only one form will be considered for the evaluation of the Awards and this will be at the discretion of the Jury and/or Awards Management.
  • In case if participant fails to submit the proof of registration in the country, they may be disqualified from participation.
  • The Jury has the right to reclassify application forms from one category to another or reject and application form, at its discretion. This is not contestable in any manner.

Instructions for completing the Application form

  • No Hard Copy will be accepted
  • The nomination/s should be emailed with supporting documents. The process would involve five steps:
    • The Jury holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever
  • All mandatory questions (symbolized by *) must be answered. Incomplete forms or forms with incomplete sections may not be considered.
  • Please provide up to 5 supporting documents wherever possible, to support your entry details. Supporting documents have to be in the following formats only – pdf, doc, jpeg etc. Size of each document cannot exceed 2 MB.
  • If you have any questions, or require any clarifications, please contact Ms Raelene Kambli @ 09819614430 or write to us at expresshealthcareawards@gmail.com or raelene.expressindia@gmail.com

Receipt of Entries

  • Participation in the Awards in any manner will be construed as an acceptance to the terms and conditions stated herein
  • Last date for receiving completed application forms submission is 1800 hrs on June 20, 2018
  • Receipt of application forms after last date of receipt specified may be permitted only at the discretion of the Awards Management
  • Awards Management will not be responsible for application forms that are damaged/lost due to lack or lapse in any communication on account of internet failure

Completeness of Entries/Disqualification

  • Up to 5 supporting material such as photos, articles, awards and accolades and other material can be submitted for each entry on a non-returnable basis
  • Disqualification of entries is at the sole discretion of the Jury, on a case by case basis

Additional Information

  • Participants may be contacted for any additional information to verify the information provided. Such information sourced from the Participants will become part of the original application.
  • Awards Management has the right to ask for documentary proof of information. If such a request is made and the Participant does not comply within 5 working days from the date the request is made, the Participant may be disqualified from participation in the Awards
  • Information provided by the Participant will be confidential and will be used only for the limited purpose of evaluating the Participant’s entry to these Awards.
  • Awards Management or team appointed by Awards Management will try to contact the Participant on best effort basis by any means deemed appropriate.
  • In the event it is not possible to contact any Participant to obtain information on them, interview them, etc. such Participant may be disqualified from further participation
  • The participant hereby irrevocably authorizes the Awards Management to use the data gathered during and/or the Awards in respect of the participants. This shall be the property of The Indian Express [P] Ltd and The Indian Express [P] Ltd shall be entitled to use the same in its communications including marketing promotions and advertisements along with/without The Indian Express [P] Ltd’s brand. Awards Management shall not be liable in any manner for any mishap, accident, injury or damages etc. of whatsoever nature, caused to the participants during the Awards. Further, Awards Management shall not be liable in any manner for any loss, damage, theft, or any other mishap caused during the Awards.

Validity and Correctness of Information

  • If at any time, including after the conclusion of any of the Award ceremonies, any information provided by any Participant(s), is found to be incorrect in any manner, then the Participant will be liable to be disqualified and / or return the Award and the monetary emoluments provided to the Participant under this Award, if any. Awards Management may also take penal action against the Participant for providing false information to participate in the Awards
  • Determination of whether information provided as fair and accurate rests with the Jury and Awards Management.
  • The jury will score/rank the participants on predefined evaluation parameters, based on the application form/presentation submitted by them.
  • There could be one or more winners in each award category, at the discretion of the Jury
  • The determination of who should receive an award for any award category rests with the Jury
  • The Jury’s decision is final and binding on all nominees
  • Determination of the Award category to which an application belongs is at the discretion of the Jury.
  • Awards Management reserves the right to make the final judgement in case of any ambiguity in Terms and Conditions/disputes over suitability
  • Only the Project Head/Officer In Charge of the Project of the participant organization would be contacted in case the Jury needs further information. Kindly provide these contact details (cellphone number, official email id) when emailing the completed nomination form and supporting documents.


  • Participant agrees that the Participant is legally capable of entering and, if selected, participating in the Awards and agree to the Terms. Participant is competent (i.e. Participant are of legal age and mental capacity) and eligible to enter into this legally binding agreement on Participant.
  • Participant understands and agrees that merely participating in this Awards does not entitle the Participant to a prize or to any other form of consideration
  • Participant warrants and represents to the Awards Management that all information including any communications, software, photos, text, video, graphics, music, sounds, images and other material submitted or recorded in any manner by the Participant or the partners of Awards Management including Awards Management for consideration for the Awards are solely owned by the Awards Management and do not infringe upon any other individual or organizational rights (including, without limitation, intellectual property rights). Participant shall be completely responsible for handling any infringement or alleged infringement and shall indemnify The Indian Express [P] Ltd, and the Awards Management from any claims, costs or damages from infringement or alleged infringement of the logo or trademark or the defense of a claim or any costs payable thereof.
  • Participant must enter the Awards at their own will and the Awards Management are not in any way obligated or liable for any loss or costs that the Participant may suffer or incur and nothing is payable to the Participants for participating in the Awards or any event prior to or following the Awards.
  • Participants for the purpose of entering the Awards, automatically grants The Indian Express [P] Ltd a royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide, non-transferable, non-exclusive right and license to use and display such entry, for participation in the Awards, and any intellectual property in relation to and arising out of such participation in the Awards and footage thereof, which shall include trade publications, press releases, electronic posting to the Website, The Indian Express [P] Ltd website in any display format selected by The Indian Express [P] Ltd during the Awards or use by The Indian Express [P] Ltd as it deems fit.
  • The Awards Management reserves the right to, at its discretion, withdraw or amend or add to the T&C of the Awards at any time, with prospective or retrospective effect, and does not take responsibility for any loss or damage that any individual or organization may suffer as a result of participating or attempting to participate in the Awards, the Awards being withdrawn or its Terms amended.
  • Should a Participant wish to withdraw from the Awards, kindly inform Awards management in writing at any time up to one week prior to the final awards ceremony
  • All disputes relating to or arising out of the Awards shall be subject to the laws of India, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of competent jurisdiction at Mumbai, India
  • The Participants indemnify The Indian Express [P] Ltd, its employees, officers, contractors, partner or other persons used by them in relation to this Awards and hold them harmless against any loss, claim, demands, costs, damages, judgments, expenses or liability (including legal costs) arising out of or in connection with any or all claims, that may be brought against the Awards Management by any third party in connection with the Participants participation in or winning the Awards, which is inconsistent with any of the warranties and representations made by the Participants, or due to breach of these Terms and shall reimburse The Indian Express [P] Ltd for any loss, costs, expense, or damage to which said indemnity applies. The Indian Express [P] Ltd shall give the Participant prompt written notice of any claim or actions covered by this indemnity, and the Participant shall have the right, at its own expense, to participate in any such action.
  • Decision of Awards Management on all matters is final and binding on all Participants and no correspondence will be entertained on the same.
  • In the event these Terms do not cover any question or complaint in relation to the Awards, the same will be concluded on by the Awards Management (for all other issues) or an independent body or legal team as appointed by the Awards Management and deemed necessary.
  • The Participant agrees to give full consent unconditionally for The Indian Express [P] Ltd to share any information provided by the Participant with agencies working with them with regards to the program, its recording and broadcasting and related activities.
  • The decision of The Indian Express [P] Ltd in relation to the interpretation of any of these Terms shall be final and binding on the participants.
  • If Participants are unclear as to the Terms or any element of the Awards or have any queries/concerns pertaining to the Awards, they can write in with their questions, concerns or queries to the following address:
  • Ms Raelene Kambli @ 09819614430 or write to us at expresshealthcareawards@gmail.com or raelene.expressindia@gmail.com
  • The Indian Express [P] Ltd shall endeavor to the best of its ability to respond thereto.


  • The website is only an informational website http://www.healthcaresenate.com for the Awards. The Indian Express [P] Ltd or its subsidiaries or holding entities are not liable or responsible for any action or decision taken by Participant or anyone acting on Participant’s behalf or under Participant employment or under contract with Participant. The Indian Express [P] Ltd shall not be under any obligation to Participant and Participant shall have no obligation or rights in relation to the Awards and shall have no claims whatsoever against The Indian Express [P] Ltd relating to the selection process or the running of the Awards
  • The Indian Express [P] Ltd shall not be responsible for:
    • any delivery, failures relating to the registration or uploading videos/presentations;
    • any SPAM generated messages as result of Participant accessing the Website;
    • Awards Management not receiving or rejecting any data;
    • any lost, late or misdirected computer transmission or network, electronic failures of any kind or any failure to receive entries owing to transmission failures or due to any technical reasons and
    • Other conditions/situations or failures beyond its control.


Awards Management has no obligation to screen the entry material in advance, and is not responsible for monitoring entries for the purpose of preventing violation of intellectual property ownership rights, or violations of any law, rule or regulation. If Awards Management is notified of submissions or materials that may not conform to the Terms, it may investigate the allegation and determine in good faith and in its sole discretion whether to eliminate such an entry from consideration. The Awards Management has no liability or responsibility to Participants or other users of the Website for performance or non-performance of such activities.