Strengthening Values for Sustainable Growth

In recent times the healthcare industry in India has been criticised for unhealthy business practices.

Hospitals, Pharma Companies, Medtech Players and other Healthcare Organisations are widely thought of as prospering at the expense of their patients. Trust in the healthcare business has fallen to new lows, leading government officials to set policies that undermine competitiveness and sap economic growth form the sector. The Healthcare business is therefore, caught in a catch-22 situation.

Which leads to the question: How can the healthcare business break these shackles?

Healthcare Senate 2018 invites CXOs of hospital chains, medical directors, owners/ promoters of hospitals and diagnostic centers, consultants, thought leaders, industry stalwarts and domain experts to congregate at India’s largest private sector business summit to prepare a blueprint based on values that will make healthcare organisations successful both in terms of profitability and goodwill.

The first two editions of Healthcare Senate held in Hyderabad provided served as an excellent platform for thought leaders, key decision makers, investors and budget holders to share and exchange strategies that are relevant to the fast changing healthcare environment, as well as would be helpful in running sustainable, responsible and profitable businesses

All stakeholders came together to share their insights on business models that will work for India. The first edition focussed on Value-based healthcare delivery’, while the second edition was Building a future ready healthcare sector for India’.