Express Healthcare Excellence in Medical Imaging Awards

The Indian Express Group and Express Healthcare, through Express Healthcare Excellence in Medical Imaging Awards, intend to recognise and honour the contributions of radiology heroes across India. Our quest is to seek champions, pioneers and leaders in the field of radiology and medical imaging that is ever-evolving.

When Wilhelm Rontgen first discovered the X-ray in 1895, did he anticipate the exponential evolution in the field of radiology that would change the face of medical diagnosis? Since then, history narrates many transformations in the field of radiology. Transformations not just in the engineering of radiology equipment but also in the applications of such technologies. Most of this development is attributed to growing patient demand for less invasive diagnosis and for the efforts put by scientists, radiologists and other radiology imaging experts who strive for superlative medical outcomes. Today's achievements, therefore, are a byproduct of the labour put by several radiology experts both revered as well as unsung.

Over the years, the radiology sector in India witnessed significant growth, more and more radiologists and radiology professionals added value to this profession. While the profession transformed, so did the business of radiology grew. All this progress and advancement would not be possible without the efforts, expertise and dedication of radiology professionals.