Future of Radiology Congress and Awards

Radiology as a medical discipline has evolved tremendously in India. It is said that late Dr K P Mody- a veteran radiologist had mentioned, in his editorial in the Indian Journal of Radiology & Imaging in 1956 that the first X-ray machine in India was imported by a chemist in 1902; that was only 7 years after the discovery.

Similarly, India has tried to stay abreast in terms of adopting imaging technologies such as Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Mamography, PET scan, Nuclear Medicine and so on, with a view to obtain better medical decisions. As digital technologies evolved, radiology professionals utilised these technologies with imaging mechanisms to provide better diagnostic results. This has also given impetus to radiology equipment manufacturers and digital technology providers to leverage business opportunities in this progressive sector.

Today, India's radiology and imaging industry is at an inflection point, poised for further growth. India's medical imaging market grew at a CAGR of 11.4 per cent in 2012 and continues to grow further. Rising demand for healthcare services, increasing knowledge about evidence-based diagnosis coupled with raising awareness of available advanced technology are few key determinants that have propelled this progress. Moreover, saturation in Tier I markets and increasing prosperity, as well as the need to create more access in Tier II and III cities, serves as a great opportunity to flourish in future. However, there is a need for establishing and strengthening core business values of integrity, innovation, adaptability, accountability, quality and an eye for building strategic partnership with all other stakeholders to further the growth momentum of this sector.

Express Healthcare and Radiology Education Foundation on the sidelines of Healthcare Senate 2018 will be organising a conference on the Future of Radiology followed by awards that recognizes and honors the contributions of radiology heroes across India.

Key topics for discussion:

  • Artificial Intelligence in radiology
  • Adding ‘Value’ in Radiology
  • Key drivers of Radiology in 2023
  • Patient first approach