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India Healthcare Inc: Financially Fit,Tech Empowered

We are in an age where healthcare organisations need to be nimble, adopt a culture of innovation, be patient centric and tech savvy to stay afloat. Which is why the 4th edition of Healthcare Senate, India's largest private sector Healthcare Business Summit which is being held from July 11-12, 2019 at Radison Blue Airport,New Delhi is focussing on the theme India Healthcare Inc: Financially Fit, Tech Empowered

Growth is a major feat for most healthcare businesses, big and small. With immense investments flooding into India's healthcare industry, the prospects for business growth is ascertained in many ways. Similarly, rapid advancements in technologies such as AI, cloud computing, Block chain, IOT and more have given a kick to growth trends by automating most of the complex business processes within healthcare organisations.

From a stability perspective, the real value comes from turning that initial support which healthcare businesses receive today by way of PE, VC, IPO funding etc., into long-term growth -- transforming a spark into a sustainable fire.

Without financial stability and technological empowerment, healthcare organisations will lack the prowess to tackle key business endeavours like evolving healthcare product/service lines, expanding geographic footprints or investing in new areas that enhance patient care and experience.

Healthcare Senate 2019 invites CXOs of hospital chains, owners/ promoters of hospitals, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, Supply chain Heads, Thought Leaders, Industry Stalwarts and domain experts to congregate at India’s largest private sector business summit to ideate new strategies, techniques and business models to ensure a steady transition of technology in various business processes to achieve financial sustainability.

The first three editions of Healthcare Senate served as an excellent platform for thought leaders, key decision makers, investors and budget holders to share and exchange strategies. Retaining relevance in the fast changing healthcare environment took centre stage, as did running sustainable, responsible and profitable businesses.

All stakeholders came together to share their insights on business models that will work for India. The first edition focussed on 'Value-based healthcare delivery’, the second edition highlighted 'Building a future ready healthcare sector for India’ while the third edition focussed on 'Strengthening Values for Sustainable Growth'.

The fourth edition takes forward these ideas, analysing strategies to make 'India Healthcare Inc: Financially Fit, Tech Empowered'.


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