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Awards Objective

The quest is to seek champions in the private healthcare sector across categories; champions who embody the pioneering spirit in an ever-evolving industry that knows no boundaries and no limits.

Awards Categories

Award categories as defined by the terms are as follows: Following categories will be open for call for entry process, and participants have to submit valid application form to participate.

Categories Definition Who Can Apply

Business Strategies

  • Best Brand evolution award (number of awards: 1)
  • Best Patient Satisfaction programme by a Hospital (number of award 1)
  • Best Cost-Effectiveness Solutions by a Hospital (number of award 1)
Strategic planning is crucial for business success as it involves the formulation and implementation of major goals and initiatives that lead an organisation to achieve profitability and sustainability. It provides overall direction to the enterprise and involves specifying the organisation’s objectives, developing policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the plans. This category of awards are for those healthcare organisations that have excelled in their business strategies that have created value by defining, developing and deploying a set of strategic capabilities that provide a unique competitive advantage. Open to private organisations healthcare

Operational Excellence

  • Best Patient Safety Practises
  • Best Finance Management Practices
  • Best IT Enabled Process
  • Best Medical Technology Application
  • Best Hospitality Management Practices
  • Best Risk Management System
This category of awards deals with the multi-pronged approach that puts hospitals and patient care at the heart of performance transformation, which provides them more financial sustainability and fulfills patient needs. Therefore, this category will be conferred to hospitals whose transactions, processes, improvement and change management concepts and approaches adopted by organisations to increase operational efficiency and reduce clinical variability to drive the total medical care cost down while improving care quality. Open to private organisations healthcare

Social Footprint

  • Best Community Initiative by a Hospital
  • Best Green Initiative by a Hospital
  • Best CSR Initiative
Social footprint is key to a healthcare company's growth and long term sustainability. It is is reflected through the company's social policies that impacts its employees, its partners and the society as a whole. Therefore, this category of awards will be conferred to healthcare organisations that have create this value for their patients, partners, environment and the society at large. Open to private organisations healthcare

Note : ‘Private organisation in healthcare’

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